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​  参加・演題登録 Registration


1. 以下のフォームを記入し、事務局にメールでお送りください。
Please fill the form below and e-mail it to tchujo(at)


1. 氏名 (Name): 


2. 連絡先 (E-mail address) :


3. 所属機関 (University/institute) : 


4. 研究室代表者名 (Lab PI name):


5. 会員の別 (Select your membership of the Physiological Society of Japan):

評議員 (Society officer) / 一般会員 (Regular member)/学生会員 (Graduate student member) / 臨時会員 (Temporary member) / 学部学生 (Undergraduate student) / 非会員 (Non-member)


6. 評議員会への参加の有無 (評議員のみ):


7. 発表の有無 (Oral presentation YES/NO) :


8. 発表タイトル(発表者のみ、仮タイトルで良いです) (If presenting, temporary title of your presentation):


9. 学部学生セッションでの発表(該当者のみ)(If presenting, presenting as an undergraduate student: YES/NO):


10. 九州奨励賞への応募の有無(該当者のみ)(Application for Kyushu-shorei Award: YES/NO):



If you are not a member of the Physiology Society of Japan, please also send a scanned image PDF data of sealed (or signed) recommendation form filled by yourself and your PI to the e-mail address below with (at) changed to @, as well as saving the original sealed (signed) document.




Please fill the Abstract form in English and send it to the e-mail address written below with (at) changed to @. If you have any conflict of interest, please also fill the COI form, and send the sealed (or signed) PDF data, as well as preserving the original sealed (signed) document.



【会費】  無料 Registration and presentation are free of charge.​


​1.事前登録: 2021年10月12日(火) Registration deadline: Oct 12th.​
​2.要旨: 2021年10月15日(金) Abstract deadline: Oct 15th.​

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